Compagnie Financière Metis: New Website Highlights

Compagnie Financière Metis unveils its brand new website. The new modern design combines new features of Innovative Banking. The graphics, the look and the feel were developed to provide you an enhanced experience with dynamic and simplified navigation. Intuitive and consistent site-wide navigation system with improved menu functionality directs you to the information most relevant to you. Our new and refreshed website provides our viewers a better understanding of the values of the Compagnie Financière Metis and showcasing its unique characteristics.

From a technical perspective, it is very important for Compagnie Financière Metis to stay in constant contact with our clients and prospects, that is why Metis incorporated a callback option, which is located right on the homepage, which makes contacting us much easier and faster than it was before. In addition, Compagnie Financière Metis provides its clients with access to the quick links of E-Banking and E-connect pages. While on any given page, web visitors can easily access the key links.

Amongst the new features Metis created the Blog section, which enables you to access the articles covering different topics and success stories of our clients that matter to you.

Just like the offering of banking services, the website will be constantly updated to adapt to technological changes and client expectations. This new version illustrates our desire to respond closely to the wishes of our clients, whether they are entrepneurs, private individuals, or institutional players. Compagnie Financière Metis will be constantly updating the content with helpful information, monthly newsletters, company announcements, articles and client success stories in the Blog section.

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